What Is Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis pilaris (commonly “KP”, “Chicken bump skin”) is a common skin condition affecting over 80% of adults and 40% of adolescents, both male and female.

People are usually unaware there is even a designated medical term for Keratosis pilaris let alone there are options to correct it. Begin at the first sign of symptoms to avoid months worth of care.

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Rough, Red,
Raised, Bumps

KP development causes the skin to become increasingly irritated, rough, and bumpy. Overtime, the KP may become worse but it should be noted that KP is not harmful.

Keratosis pilaris may become exceedingly difficult to treat the longer you wait. It is recommended to adopt an exfoliating cream or body scrub to help keep KP at bay.

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Keratosis pilaris is hard to miss in the later stages. It appears most often on the shoulders and arms, although it can just as easily afflict your legs, chest, or any other region of the body. Once you have identified Keratosis pilaris, your only recourse is to begin a simple regiment – Keratosis pilaris does not go away on its own.

It is difficult for people to spot the early signs of Keratosis pilaris since the condition may vary visually from case to case and is often confused with acne in the earliest stages. As KP worsens, you may notice increased redness and hardened bumps; however, Keratosis pilaris can often look slightly different varying on your skin tone and the stage of development. Overtime, KP typically becomes more noticeable when left uncared for.

Recovery times vary depending on the severity of your KP, we guarantee your Keratosis Pilaris will be drastically reduced after only 30 days of use or your money back. It’s that simple.

KP Essentials uses a proprietary mixture of surfactants and compounds to deliver active ingredients more easily in order to help unclog keratin buildup within your pores and fight KP around the clock, where other KP products fall short.

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Keratosis Pilaris

Your Keratosis pilaris is most likely genetic, if someone in your family has it you are more likely. KP is caused by keratin build up which forms a hard plug clogging the pores of hair follicles and resulting in the raised bumps we see on the surface of our skin.

Keratin is a hard protein that protects the skin from infection and harmful substances. The reason behind it’s buildup during Keratosis Pilaris is unknown.

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KPessentials™ is formulated with a proprietary mixture of clinically proven ingredients and a unique delivery system comprised of oils and emulsifiers to help absorb active ingredients.

Eliminate Keratosis Pilaris with KPessentials™ and get on the fast track to clear, confident skin.

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