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KPessentials™ has helped thousands of people control and treat their KP. Here are some of their enlightening stories.


I have had KP longer than I would like to admit, not because I didn’t try to get rid of it, but because I didn’t realize what it was and when I tried a lot of different things and nothing worked I gave up… I tried KPessentials™ based off a friend’s tip and I’ve been all set since. Thanks.
— Allan D.
Results may vary from user to user.


Mother gave me KPessentials™ after suffering from it a long time, honestly, I didn’t really care all that much. This was the first time I tried taking care of it, I used the exfoliating cream. My wife is thrilled and I certainly don’t miss it.
— Ian G.
Results may vary from user to user.


My KP was pretty bad. I assumed it would go away on it’s own and I was wrong. KPessentials™ didn’t impress me much after the first two weeks – but after a month, I saw a significant difference. I think allowing the body scrub to sit a few moments while I wash my hair before rinsing made a difference. My skin is very clear.
— Becca P.
Results may vary from user to user.


I didn’t even know KP was a real condition with a medical name. I thought it was just an acne thing. I ran across the KPessentials™ website just by Googling “kp treatment”, and have been using it successfully to control my KP for the past few months.
— David B.
Results may vary from user to user.


I started to struggle with a bad case of KP for the past year. My daughter discovered KPessentials™ online and used it with great results. I use it now and my husband does, too. Thanks!
— Claire B.
Results may vary from user to user.


I’m thrilled to finally be KP free because of KPessentials™. Nothing else helped, and I even tried some antibiotics I had left over from a doctors visit. I started comparing the ingredients in different KP treatments and saw that KPessentials™ contained the active ingredients that I had read about. From now on, I base my decisions off the ingredients on the back of the label. This is the only treatment you need for Keratosis.
— Kristina V.
Results may vary from user to user.


I tried every product out there for KP – I tried home remedies too – KPessentials™ is the one thing that worked for me and the only thing I will continue using!
— JP. L.
Results may vary from user to user.

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